ApparitionNET Studio.

It's Finally Here, fresher than ever.

Your Ambition to change the way you play Xbox 360 Games starts here. ApparitionNET Studio is a cutting edge tool dedicated to the modification of the memory, for offline/local advantages. After our initial software, we decided to revamp everything make it new and sparkly.

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This is Version 2

Easier, Fresher and Reliable.

Seriously, take a look at version two, we've made it pretty nifty. Infact, no matter what location you are in - Multiple Servers are here! and in various locations, so we don't slow you down!

ApparitonNET2 is Backward Compatible!

Built For a Vast Majority of Windows Operating Systems

Our Features Are AWESOME

Quicklaunch Ready!

Includes the new Quicklaunch Plugin, at no extra cost! - make your life much easier!

Download Stat Files

Use Files other has created, to make your life easier!

Software Progression

Now, let's see where we are at!

As any previous ApparitionNET customer will know, the software is an ongoing project. It is continuously built on and you can check out our live status here, we are always updated!

  • Contains all Call Of Duties
  • Contains other games and more to come

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Call Of Duty Series
Halo Series
Other Games

Time for a Close Up

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100% Clean User Interface

Everything Where you'd want it!

Easy Game Allocation, simply open your desired modification tool by clicking the designated button!

Clean Workspace

All your mod tools in one place

Don't overcrowd your computer, ApparitionNET Studio has 33 current mod tools for all your needs in one place.

Console Manager

Manage your console from ApparitionNET Studio

Replaces slow Neighborhood for a fast fluid experience.

Free Upgrade

Do you still have an old license?

Old license holders get a free upgrade - simply contact ApparitionNET on AIM to upgrade your license for free

Our Services Are One of a Kind

Still not convinced? ApparitionNET Studio is the most sophisticated Modification Tool in the Scene.

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What We Offer

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Everything Included in Your Package

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Valid License

Plugin Package

Free Support

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1 Computer & 1 Console
  • Access to Loads of Games
  • Community Support
  • File Manager
  • Quicklaunch Plugin
  • Free One Time License Change
  • Free Future Updates

We can take your awesome ideas and turn them into an exciting reality...

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